History of Pages

On February 14, 1950, Elizabeth “Betty” Goulston bought an 18′ x 20′ 2-car garage at 458 Pearl Street and converted it to a market to sell eggs and chickens that her family raised and fruits and vegetables that they grew in their own garden. She named it Page’s for her two oldest sons: PA for Paul and GE for Gerry.

Back then, Page’s Market was a family business serving the families of the local community. In 1955, Pages added on to the building and began selling groceries, deli and dairy. On Sundays, the Goulston family used to barbecue chickens and selling dinners to the neighborhood families as they returned home from church. That was the fateful beginning of lunch specials at Page’s.

Over the years, Page’s has grown and evolved into the neighborhood supermarket that it is today. In 1964, Page’s received a license and began selling beer and wine. In 1972, the license was extended to permit liquor sales. In 1973, when the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission was founded, Page’s became one of the first outlets, where locals could make a dream come true by legally buying a chance to “hit the number.”

In the mid 1960’s,as Betty began to shift into semi-retirement, her son Gerry Goulston took responsibility for running the business, and in 1971, Gerry incorporated the business as “Page’s Grocery & Liquor, Inc.”

On February 14, 1985, fire destroyed the original structure of Page’s (which had been expanded 5 times since 1955), but fire could not destroy Page’s and its importance to the community. In just 92 days, Gerry reopened Page’s on the same location in a new 5000 square-foot facility. He expanded to 9000 square-feet in 1995.

Today Page’s is a flourishing business, vitally interconnected with the community in which it thrives. A full-scale, neighborhood supermarket, offering groceries, fresh meats, fresh produce, deli, liquor, and lottery, Page’s also serves hot meals and deli platters, as well as a full catering menu. And Page’s has never lost sight of its original purpose or its humble beginnings. Page’s remains dedicated to serving the families of the local community…not only at lunch, but lunch is surely one of the great offerings that makes Page’s so special.

458 Pearl Street Stoughton, MA 02072